Best Productivity Tools for Work Management

Everyone looks forward to productivity in today’s increasing and hectic environment. You can be productive in numerous ways regardless of whether you are working, in school, or simply trying to cultivate a passion.

Digital productivity tools have been designed to boost one’s productivity and talents. These tools can help you plan your day and track your success, or you can also find more information at accely.


If these productivity tools can handle planning and organizing, one may genuinely focus on completing their work and excel at it.


Communication and Collaboration

1. Slack


Slack is a solution for team collaboration that supports chat and message functionality. This can aid in avoiding the repetition of the same information to various team members over and over again. All crucial interactions can be located in a single location to save time. It is also compatible with applications that assist in sharing documents and files, which can be helpful for rapid data exchange. Check out our tutorial on how to use Slack for more information on the application.


2. Mockplus


Mockplus is a design collaboration tool that simplifies the process of designing, prototyping, collaborating, and handing off designs with a team in a single, accessible location. A simple link is sufficient to invite designers, developers, product managers, real users, and even stakeholders from other nations and regions to join your team and collaborate in real-time on the same website or mobile app project.


Mockplus is pretty simple and allows you to prototype ideas, offer comments immediately on designs, initiate a review assignment, build user flowcharts, construct design systems, and handoff designs with simple clicks or drag-and-drop. All your team members can be managed with role-based permissions.


Even a brand-new user can begin the design and collaboration process within minutes.


3. Troop Messenger


Troop Messaging is a messenger application that facilitates team collaboration by sharing files and keeping the team informed of the latest project developments. This program provides a wide range of chat supporting functions such as Screen Sharing, Video call, Burnout, Workout, Recall, remove, etc., to boost team communication and collaboration.


The user interface of Troop Messenger is so easy and stunning that all of its capabilities are self-explanatory to even the most inexperienced user. Any corporate user can start the application’s free trial using their email.


4. Fleep


Fleep is a messaging program that integrates email functionality to assist team collaboration. It merges emails, messaging, and file sharing in one spot for quick access. The platform for communication is truly adaptable in every way. It resembles an open network in which individuals from various teams can communicate. It keeps everything centralized.


5. Chanty


A chanty is a collaboration tool that facilitates team member communication. The team can chat, send voice messages, and engage in audio/video calls. You can also manage tasks via chat by converting messages into tasks and assigning them to team members. Increase your productivity by integrating Chanty with applications such as G Suite, Asana, Trello, Github, Dropbox, and Zapier.


6. Quip


A quip is a tool for communicating effectively across multiple platforms. It helps to ensure optimal productivity with features that keep you in constant contact with your colleagues. Its primary function is to align everyone on the same page. One can examine the document while another simultaneously edits it, saving time and enhancing productivity.


7. GoToMeeting


GoToMeeting is a tool for video conferencing. You can plan meetings with ease and share your screen in real-time. This facilitates the sharing and display of individual and team development. This is ideal for updating everyone during scheduled meetings. It combines online meeting and video conferencing software into a single package.


8. Calendar


Calendar is an AI-powered time management application and one of the finest calendar apps for scheduling, tracking, and sharing your time daily, week, month, and year. Highly integrated with other digital calendars such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal, the Calendar program for desktop and mobile use (Android and iOS) consolidate all of your calendars into a single display, allowing you to see your time more efficiently. Determine who can view what and let the app contact meeting attendees plan activities on your behalf. Individuals and teams can download free and premium versions of the Calendar application.


9. 10to8


The 10to8 appointment scheduling software is a booking tool that allows businesses to arrange internal meetings and customer appointments without any date ping-pong.


It syncs with iCal, Google, and other significant calendars and interacts with thousands of applications via Zapier.


10. Appointlet


Appointlet is the appointment scheduler with the most bells and whistles, even on the free plan if you’re looking for one.


Appointlet is an online scheduling service that streamlines appointment scheduling for individuals and organizations. Regardless of what you do or the aim of the meeting, you may build sessions that match your needs, thanks to the platform’s variety of meeting formats.


Appointlet is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive appointment schedulers available. While it was designed primarily for corporate use, it is also a fantastic tool for individuals who want to schedule and manage appointments without worry.

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